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On the 14th March JK Williams were the gold sponsor for the Concrete Pavements for Local Governments forum held by the Australian Society of Concrete Pavements (ASCP) at Penrith Panthers.

The presentations delivered at the event provided insight to the aspects of making good quality concrete, delivery of good concrete and introduced to local governments the technique of using a slip form paver to local government work. This gave JKW with the prime opportunity to present a live demonstration pouring a concrete path during the day in front of all the invitees. It was the first forum of its kind that involved all the local council representatives from the Sydney Metro to air thoughts and discussions with variant council specifications regarding concrete work. The listing on the day was overwhelming turning out to be the largest attendee forum the ASCP has held and also the first live demonstration of any kind held.

Thanks to all the people from JKW that contributed to the forum including the great job the paver crew did to demonstrate the benefits of slip form paving to local governments that have not seen it up front before. Feedback from local councils as a result of the presentation and specifically the demonstration has been noticed already.

Visit Australian Society for Concrete Pavements for more information about their upcoming forums.

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